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Protect your cantilevered garden umbrella with proper cantilever covers, purpose designed to keep the rain, dust and dirt off your garden shade. These are all well made from quality materials, which means they do a proper job.


They also happen to look really smart, so much better than covering your garden parasol with a tatty old tarp or a sheet of plastic. And definitely better than leaving it outdoors through the winter, when you’re not using it, at the mercy of the elements. Designed specifically to fit some of our best-selling garden umbrellas, our cantilever covers are a good looking alternative.

When you invest in quality garden furniture, you want to make it last and last. This is how to do it. And don’t they look smart? So much better than looking outdoors at a posh garden umbrella flapping around in the wind, getting tattier by the second.

Will you choose a Royce Junior, Executive or Ambassador parasol? They’re all good-looking, beautifully designed, stylish, and built to last. Invest in a proper cover to go with it and you’ll protect your outdoor lifestyle for longer. Keep the fun going year after year with these handy products.


Norfolk Leisure Cover for Royce Junior


Norfolk Leisure Cover for Royce Ambassador and Executive