This week’s best-selling fire pit – Wow!

Dakota Fire Pit - Large

Everyone loves the magic of a real fire. The flickering flames, the lovely subtle light, the warmth and the feeling of safety, it’s hard to resist. So what’s this week’s best-selling fire pit?

It’s no surprise some of the biggest sellers of the year are fire pits. They give you a simple, elegant way to enjoy the wonder of fire safely. There’s a multitude of gorgeous designs, some modern and others with a neat traditional edge. And they can grace every style of garden from a tiny city patio to a large rural spread.

The week’s best-selling fire pit? Let’s dive right in. The answer is… the awesome extra large Dakota fire pit.

A five year guarantee is only the beginning of the story. People seem to really love the neat shape of the bowl itself, a pure, gently curved circle that looks wonderful in any setting, being so very subtle and simple. It doesn’t matter what your garden decor is like, it’ll suit you perfectly.

The rings at either side make it an easy carry – but please don’t pick it up when it’s hot. The three legged design means it sits stable on even a wobbly surface. It’s something to do with the physics and maths behind three-leggedness, but we’re not clever enough to understand that side of life! The legs themselves are perfectly in proportion to the body, nice and chunky, giving it a friendly, pleasing look.

Dakota Fire Pit - Large

The low-slung profile means it’s great for chatting, easy to see each other over the flames as you huddle happily around the pit. It’s equally easy to light her up thanks to the open, flat bowl that helps the fire take hold quickly and well. It’ll be roaring in no time. And because it’s made from steel and cast iron of the best quality, it’s as tough as a tough thing from a very tough place. It’s no surprise this large metal fire pit comes with a five year guarantee.

Grab one of these, get free UK delivery, and kick off your alfresco summer with a bang.