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Chilling in front of a fab fire pit. That’s your dream, and we’re here to make it come true. Walk this way for traditional and modern fire pits made to last. We insist on quality from our suppliers, which means they’re all a really good buy.


Is a fire pit the same as a fire bowl? Well, more or less. Take a look at both collections for the full picture. Our beautiful MGO fire pits, available in a lovely, strong white and grey speckled material, are very popular. Choose from cylindrical or square and see how they keep the flames safely contained while giving you all the magic of a real open fire. The Magnesium Oxide they’re made from is physically and chemically stable at high temperatures. The material’s high thermal conductivity and low electrical conductivity makes it ideal for fire pits.

If you’re into outdoor cooking, the Buffalo Fire Pit Rotisserie is a top choice. Tailor made for creating great food outside, it comes with a charcoal grill, BBQ grill and built-in rotisserie. And it cooks large amounts of food at the same time, ideal for alfresco celebrations.

When sheer simplicity is your thing, choose the magnificent Dakota 100cm fire pit. This great big beast will give you hours of heat as well as clear views of the magic of real fire. It’s wonderful to gather around.

The Cook King fire basket is the simplest of all, doubling as a handy, rugged garden incinerator for outdoor waste. The look, when the flames flicker through the bars, is hard to beat.


Lifestyle Prestige Premium Fire Pit


Dakota Fire Pit - Large

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Callow Gozo 115cm Tower Outdoor Fireplace


Cook King Flame Fire basket


Lifestyle Calida MGO Contemporary Fire Pit

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Callow Premium Wood Burning Stone Fire Pit and Patio Heater

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Callow County Deluxe Wood Firepit with Spark Guard Poker and BBQ Grill

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Tepro Reno 80cm Heavy Duty Round Fire Pit


Tepro Large Glenview Black Square Log Fire Pit

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Tepro Silver City Fireplace


Lifestyle Adena MGO Modern Fire Pit

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Callow Corfu Ø55cm Garden Fire Pit


Lifestyle Prima Bowl Fire Pit

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Tepro Milburn Square Fire Pit


Lifestyle Kaida Traveller Foldable Camping Fire Pit