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You want amazing BBQ accessories for your gas or charcoal barbie? We’re delighted to oblige. Explore our excellent barbecue accessories. You can rely on the materials, the quality, and the design.


Roll back time as little as a decade and the UK’s outdoor lifestyle scene was in its infancy. Eating outdoors still felt exotic. And a barbecue was a relatively simple affair. Now things have changed. And the alfresco lifestyle has really come to life. All over the nation, more of us are spending quality time at home, even taking our main holidays here instead of flying. The pandemic revealed the delights of a home-based holiday, in a country with a zillion different kinds of landscape and weather to match, just as varied. No wonder our BBQ accessories are so popular.

So what do we have in store for you? Well, everything you need to make your next BBQ a brilliant, unforgettable event. We stock a large and varied collection of BBQs, of course. They’re all great quality, built to last and chosen with care by our dedicated team.

There’s also a wealth of very cool and exciting bits and bobs designed to support occasions to remember. If you thought cooking outdoors was difficult, or a challenge, or a pain, think again. All you ned id the right gadgets and you’re off, BBQ-ing like a pro.

Why buy cheap metal barbecue skewers when you can buy a set of skewers that makes short work of tasty kebabs and more, which will last years and always do an excellent job? Why struggle to roast a whole chicken outdoors when there’s a clever little gadget designed specifically to deliver awesome results? Enjoy!


Norfolk Grills BBQ Starter Kit


Norfolk Grills Chicken Roaster


Norfolk Grills 3pc Tool Set


Norfolk Grills Anti Pasti Serving Board


Norfolk Grills Charcoal Starter


Norfolk Grills Grill Topper


Norfolk Grills Charcoal Rack 2pk


Norfolk Grills Metal Skewers 6pk


Norfolk Grills BBQ Smoker Box


Norfolk Grills Aluminium Burger Press