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Here are some rugged, strong and durable BBQ covers to keep your investment safe, sound, in good condition and working perfectly. When you’re into the alfresco lifestyle, it makes a lot of sense to protect your equipment properly.


If you have room to stash a large, dramatic outdoor oven somewhere safe and dry over the winter, or when you’re not using it, you’re unusually lucky! Most of us have smaller gardens, where it’s important to make the most of the space. Our splendid garden ovens and barbecues are all very good quality. We don’t sell anything less than the best. To keep them in great condition for longer, you need good quality BBQ covers. Ours are the best quality, just like everything else we sell.

Not only are they tough, strong and durable. They’re good-looking too, so much better than throwing an old tarp over your garden entertainment kit. Each one is carefully designed to fit perfectly, keeping damp, mould, dirt and bird poop away. They come with clever little Velcro loops that keep them safely in place, even in a high wind.

There are ventilation holes to banish condensation. And the material, being plain black, won’t offend your eyes. It sits back neatly against every style of garden backdrop, looking smart and tidy, ready and waiting for the next time you want to entertain friends and family in your garden.

Every cover is designed to fit a specific BBQ or garden oven, so the fit is always perfect. Are you ready for the best outdoor fun…ever?


Norfolk Grills Infinity 5 Burner Cover


Lifestyle Bahama Island Gas BBQ / Outdoor Kitchen Cover


Lifestyle Premium 3/4 Burner Hooded Gas BBQ Grill Cover


Norfolk Grills Absolute 6 Burner Cover


Norfolk Grills Infinity 4 Burner Cover


Lifestyle Big Horn Pellet Smoker + Grill Cover


Norfolk Grills Absolute 4 Burner Cover


Norfolk Grills Atlas 400 Cover


Lifestyle Standard 5 Burner Hooded Gas BBQ Grill Cover


Norfolk Grills Atlas 300 Cover


Norfolk Grills Vista 300 Cover


Norfolk Grills Vista 200 Cover


Lifestyle Standard 3/4 Burner Hooded Gas BBQ Grill Cover

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Lifestyle Dragon Egg Charcoal BBQ Cover


Lifestyle Gas Pizza Oven Cover


Norfolk Grills N-Grill Cover


Lifestyle Standard 2 Burner Gas BBQ Grill Cover


Norfolk Grills Sola Cover


Lifestyle 4 Burner Flatbed BBQ Cover


Lifestyle 2 burner Flatbed BBQ Cover