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You’ve got garden parasols? You need cantilever bases to keep your cantilever parasol in place, safe and sound, unable to fly off in the wind. Here’s a great choice for you, designed to make your outdoor lifestyle even better.


These are a great buy. Unlike some cantilever bases they’re enormously heavy, exactly what you need in a world where the winds are due to get more windy and the weather more extreme. What better way to protect your investment in a top quality cantilever garden umbrella?

Weighing in at anything between 80kg and 100kg, some come with more than one part, for example four parts, and others are all-in-one. Plastic covered concrete is always a great choice. Because water is very heavy, a water-filled base is a great idea too. Because it’s lighter when empty, it’s easier to carry around. Some have wheels, some don’t. And we have a stunning – and very heavy – granite version for you, a wheeled parasol base that’s very attractive as well as effective.

Whichever you choose they all do exactly what they say on the tin. They’re also good looking, simply designed, and unobtrusive. Which one will suit your garden umbrella best?

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Norfolk Leisure One Box Parasol 3m Round LED Cantilever with Water Filled Base

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Norfolk Leisure Royce Cantilever 90kg Granite Base with Wheels


Norfolk Leisure Royce 90kg Plastic Covered Concrete Base with Wheels


Norfolk Leisure Royce 70kg Plastic Concrete Base with Wheels


Norfolk Leisure Royce 80kg 4 Part Water Filled Base


Norfolk Leisure Royce 100kg Plastic Covered Concrete 4 Part Base


Norfolk Leisure Garden Must Haves Four Part Black Cantilever Base 80kg