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Grab a garden chair, relax in the sun or the shade, listen to your guests chatting, fall into a lovely lazy doze. Do it all with a great quality garden chair from our creative collection. You know you want to…


OK, so what do we have in store for you? Treats, that’s what! Garden chairs come as single chairs for individual chilling, and multi-seat garden settees for unforgettable parties. We have delicious designs in rattan-look and equally lovely ones in real FSC certified woods.

Natural finishes and beautiful paint finishes. Some of the most trend-setting colours in the garden design world. An insistence on top quality every step of the way. That’s what we insist on, and that’s why our garden chairs are so popular. And, of course, all this wonderment comes with FREE mainland UK delivery.

What will you choose? A tete-a-tete garden chair for two or a suite of stunning rattan effect garden furniture with comfy chairs you won’t ant to get out of? And how about the occasion? Party animals buy their garden chairs here. So do romantic couples and happy families, adventurous singles and people who just want to relax in their outdoor space.  Aaah, that feels SO good!

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Pacific Lifestyle Stone Grey St Kitts Single Nest Chair


Norfolk Leisure Newmarket Swing Seat in Grey


Pacific Lifestyle Malta Outdoor Footstool