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A neat, sweet, good looking and comfy balcony set is a wonderful thing. Opt for sheer comfort laced with oodles of style. Check out our choices, all based on top quality materials, creative designs, and cool contemporary styling.


Do you love that cool French style you see in the streets of Paris, where people gather to drink, eat, laugh and watch the world go by? A balcony set gives you that same sophisticated feel. Place yours in the full sun, in a shady corner, or in a secluded nook with dappled shade. Meet your other half there for a fancy coffee or a sneaky Prosecco. Grab a friend, a few beers, and aboard game. Take a book, a tablet, knitting, a laptop, whatever you like.

A balcony set is versatile and funky. Place it on an actually balcony or veranda if you’re lucky enough to have one, maybe surrounded by fragrant potted plants to fragrance the city air. Enjoy beautiful balcony sets in fashionable sage green, or a lovely cool pale grey. Choose darker blue-grey for drama. Pick a rattan look balcony set or one in metal and wood.

Whatever your style, we have a choice of garden table and chair sets for two, many which can be mixed and matched with confidence because they look so good together. Have an awesome time out there!


Keter Salta Balcony 2 Single Seats and Coffee Table


Keter Chicago 2 Seat Outdoor Balcony Set in Grey


Keter Delano Balcony Set


Keter Tarifa 2 Seats Balcony Set in Grey


Keter Columbia Balcony Set