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Do you need a fire basket? Make it a great quality choice that’ll last and last through years of alfresco entertainment and fun. You deserve a fabulous quality fire basket. And that’s exactly what we have for you.


A firebasket is probably the simplest way to enjoy real fire in your garden safely. It really is the ultimate in easy. It’s basically a basket in legs, made from tough metal to withstand the heat. The design has to safely keep all the wood in place while letting ash escape out of the bottom.

Take the Cook King Verona. At 60cm it’s a generous size. It’s made from really strong strips of thick crude steel, built to last whatever the weather. Three chunky legs means it stands upright and stays that way, even when the surface or the ground isn’t perfectly flat.

Fire baskets are a great way to create heat outside in all weathers. Light her up when you’re enjoying a chilly day of autumn or winter gardening. Create flickering magic for late night celebrations and get-togethers, lighting your outdoor space up beautifully. Make romance. Build excitement.

Whatever your alfresco lifestyle ambitions, this beautiful fire basket delivers. To stand it on a wood or composite deck, or on the lawn, grab yourself a special floor protector from our accessories collection and you’re off. Invite friends and family for outdoor fun. Do the gardening in comfort. Burn stuff easily with barely any mess. Here’s where the alfresco fun begins.


Cook King Verona 60cm Fire Basket


Tepro Gracewood Firebasket


Lifestyle Signa Fire Basket